Nanodevice Engineering
for a Better Chemical Gas Sensing Technology


Dra. Olga Casals - Researcher

She  is PhD in Physics and Optical Engineer. She has coauthored more than 30  scientific papers published in indexed peer reviewed international journals and  contributed to more than 75 conference presentations. She has participated as  researcher in 13 National and European projects, and has played a key role in 8  technology transfer activities (patents, industrial R&D contracts, product  development, etc.).  In her PhD Thesis, Dr. Casals carried out research in  gas sensor design and development with microelectronic processing, focused in  wide-bandgap semiconductors for high temperature applications (e.g. SiC).  Specifically, she is experienced in characterization, modelling and design of  advanced micoelectronic devices, as well as in surface science physics and chemistry.  Later she moved to industry, where she was responsible for the development of  biomedical instruments based on optoelectronic detection methods. For two and a  half years, she gained experienced in R&D activities oriented to market.  Since 2012, she is a post-doc at UB working in the research for methods and  electronic instruments for nano-sensors with applications in chemical  gas/liquid sensing. She is now responsible for the development of light  activated gas sensors, and supervises students in this field. In this project,  she will be responsible for the design and integration of the LED based  platforms.

Dr. Cristian Fàbrega -  Researcher

Assistant Professor at the University of Barcelona and member of the MIND group. He has a PhD in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology and a Physics Degree. He has published more than 20 papers (> 350 cites, h = 13) and 20 contributions to national and international congresses, incluiding 1 invited talk. He has broad experience in light-matter interaction, materials fabrication and characterization for gas sensor applications and energy storage systems (electrical and chemical).  During the last two years, his research has been focused in the use of organic molecules attached to a metal oxide support material for selective detection of gas molecules under light conditions. He has also developed computational and simulation skills of materials properties and chemical interactions.  He has participated in several European projects (NANOS4, S3, SOI-HITS, CEOPS, Solarogenix) and national projects. He has also participated in several industrial project with Repsol S.A. with a total budget of 1M€, which resulted in a European Patent.


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